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We are a modern family of three, living on less than two acres with a 3,000 square foot garden that meets our produce needs and allows us to share with friends and neighbors. Our laying flock of chickens seems to expand each year as we raise chicks each Spring to replace older hens. This blog is more of a journal, if you will, for us to chronicle and share our experiences in the yard, garden and kitchen. It is our hope that along the way a few folks might learn something, be entertained, or simply enjoy sharing in our stories and the lessons we learn on a daily basis. I named the blog after the times when I am the happiest, when I am elbow deep in earth.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Road trip to Virginia, Day 1

August 1, 2012

Shane was fortunate to have Monday and Tuesday off so he could pack for himself and Lexi, but I had to work and was unable to get much done until Tuesday after work and some errands...So he headed to bed early and I stayed up to finish readying myself and the animals for our departure.  He intended to drive and I would just sleep the first leg through Ohio anyway.  Our plan was to leave at 4:00am, but we overslept a smidge and left the house about 5:00 instead.  We stopped for breakfast around 8:30 in Groveport, Ohio and got back on the road.  Our first scheduled destination was in Charleston, WV for lunch with a client of Shane's.  We arrived at his office a little earlier than he had planned for us, at 11:30 instead of 12:00.  He was in the middle of a client meeting, so we relaxed and hung out until he was ready to grab a bite to eat.  Mr. E and his awesome staffer Miss J took us to a great spot to show us some of the local color the city had to offer, a restaurant called Tricky Fish.  It had a really eclectic mix of menu items and was delicious!

Lexi really hit it off with Miss J and they walked hand in hand back to the cars.  After a phenomenal visit with them, we reluctantly said our goodbyes and hit the road again.  We had dinner plans with some clients that Shane and I both work with in Roanoke and we needed to get headed that way.

The drive was a beautiful one, with gorgeous mountain vistas and something new to enjoy at every turn. We called our dinner dates to set up a meeting time and place as we drove. They decided upon Corned Beef and Company, a family friendly place where we could get a good burger and a beer while we chatted. Our dinner and conversation were great.

They told us about a fun place called Bayou Snowballs and offered to treat us.  We walked there and enjoyed what would be best described as gourmet snowcones.  They had unbelievable flavor combinations.  Lexi and Macy (daughter of one of the clients we met up with) hit it off and enjoyed their snowballs together.

It was a fantastic way to cap off our first day of vacation.  Special thanks to the friends (who happen to be clients) who met up with us and spent a part of their day entertaining and visiting with us!

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